Returns & Refunds

General Return

You have the flexibility to request a return within 30 days from the date of receiving your purchase if you are dissatisfied with the product. However, it’s important to note that you will be responsible for covering the return or exchange expenses unless there are quality issues with the item.To facilitate a general return, it is necessary to maintain the original packaging, and for additional guidance, you can refer to the ” Why Should I Keep the Original Packaging  ” section.

  • In brand-new condition

  • Uninstalled and/or non-assembled

  • Unused, no pieces missing

  • With original tags and original packaging

Please be aware that the 30 days return policy is based on the delivery time of each individual item shown on the carrier’s website instead of the entire order. We would not accept if the item(s) are marked delivered greater than 30 days when you initiate the return.

Certain Products Are Not Eligible for Returns:

  1. Clearance items

  2. Customized items

  3. Offline purchase (items or parts not listed on our website)

  4. Items marked “Non-Returnable” on the product page

  5. Assembled or disassembled products

  6. Without original packaging or serious damage to the original packaging
    Please note, any items returned without authorization will not qualify for a refund and be rejected on delivery to our returns center.

What you need to know before you start a general return:

  1. Preserve Original Packaging:
    Please kindly DO NOT discard any original packaging or wrapping materials from the item(s) you received.

  2. Repackaging Requirements:
    You would need to package the same way when the item arrives to ensure the product meets the requirements for the carrier.

  3. Non-Refundable Additional Services:
    Any additional service on the order will NOT be refunded for the general return, including expedited delivery fee, doorway drop-off, room of choice drop-off and white glove delivery.

  4. Photo Documentation for Assessment:
    At least a full view picture of the product and the outer box, and a picture of the internal packing needs to be provided so we can assess its condition and return eligibility.

  5. Return Shipping Cost Responsibility:
    You would need to cover the return shipping cost if there are no quality issues involved.

Concealed Faulty or Damage

Please inspect your purchase and notify us of any missing parts, faults, damage or incorrect items immediately.
For large or fragile items in your purchase, we highly recommend recording an unboxing video.This not only safeguards your rights but also expedites our process for handling returns or exchanges in case of damage.

You are advised to contact our customer service within 48 hours of receiving your itemsif there is an issue with the product. such as the lights not working when fitted, faucets leaking while installed, and damage to furniture after opening, please make sure to take some pictures or a quick video demonstrating the problem.

All product issue inquiries may be best informed us within 30 days of receipt along with the three types of pictures mentioned above, otherwise, after-sales inquiries after 30 days of receipt might be affected negatively due to uncertain factors outside of the time frame.

Please note that we do not cover the repair fee if unauthorized handyman services were hired.

Obvious Shipping Damage

If a shipment arrives at your door with obvious shipping damage, please immediately inspect the items and check their condition. With obvious damage on items themselves, please refuse the specific package, and clearly mark down the damage situation when signing any paperwork. If the carrier denies your refusal and insists on you accepting the shipment, please document the series of events (package damage, item damage, not being allowed to refuse, etc.) on all paperwork and take photographs. If you accept the goods without noting the circumstances, the carrier might refuse to address the damages caused during transit.

  1. Photograph the whole process, the damage, all packaging material and paperwork.

  2. Note any damages on the carrier delivery receipt or contact the carrier to submit a damage claim.

  3. Reflect to our customer service by including the order ID, the item number & Qty of the damaged item(s), the claim number, providing pictures/videos evidence clearly showing the damage and all packaging material and paperwork.

  4. If you accept the package, please DO NOT discard the damaged product or the packaging. Typically, the shipper will be dispatched to pick the item up for inspection and processing. We’ll need your help in making it available for pickup on the scheduled date and time.
    Please note that if you attempt to return the damaged item without speaking to one of our customer service representatives, you will jeopardize your chances of making a claim, and you may not receive credit for the return. is not responsible for reimbursement of any labor costs or project delays that may occur due to the receipt of damaged goods. We always recommend that you wait to schedule installation until after your fixture has arrived and been inspected.

I Received a Wrong Item

If you believe you have received the wrong product, please verify the item number of the item(s) you received compared to your order confirmation and/or invoice. If it does not match, contact customer service immediately, be sure to include the copy of your original order confirmation, confirm the item number & Qty of the wrong item(s), provide pictures clearly showing the wrong item. The wrong item must be returned in original packaging, will be responsible for the return shipping cost. You can exchange it for the correct one or request a full refund. is not responsible for reimbursement of any labor costs or project delays that may occur due to the receipt of incorrect goods. We always recommend that you wait to schedule installation until after your fixture has arrived and been inspected.

How Soon Will I Receive My Refund?

If we cancel your order, we will refund you within 3 working days.
If you apply for a return refund, when we receive your return, we will refund you within 5 working days after receipt and inspection.
The refund will be made to the account that the funds were originally drawn from, namely the money will be sent back in the same way it was received.
If you originally paid with credit card, please allow up to one billing cycle for the credit to show in the bank statement. It mostly depends on how fast your bank processes the credit.
Please do not request a chargeback from your credit card company during the return process. Due to the time it takes to resolve chargeback disputes, it is usually better to be patient and wait for the return process to run its course. Or if an unusual delay occurs, feel free to contact us for assistance.
If you originally paid with PayPal account balance, you could find the refund right away in your PayPal account.

Why Should I Keep the Original Packaging?

Due to the nature of our products, whether it be large furniture or other smaller items, they are often in the heavy or delicate categories. Our packaging is specially made to cater to each individual item. They are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand most kinds of incidences in transportation. Any self-packed items by the customer will have a high chance of being damaged on the way caused by flimsy materials or improper techniques. That’s why we don’t generally allow any returns without their complete original packaging. In a way, this also prevents lots of potentially wasted efforts and protects the customer’s interest.