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Handy Tips for Buying a Papasan Chair

03 Jul 2022
Handy Tips for Buying a Papasan Chair

A Papasan chair is also dubbed as a moon chair or a nest chair, as you can tell from its appearance. This piece of furniture was on-trend in the 70s but hasn't lost its popularity yet. Being unique in design, light in weight, and varied in function helps to consolidate its position as one of the most practical yet artistic pieces of furniture. If they are new to you, it would be better to get some information about Papasan chairs before shopping.

What Exactly Is a Papasan Chair?

Papasan chairs originated in Asia. People in the Philippines and Japan had used this type of chair for centuries before it went viral globally.

The chair usually consists of three or four pieces: a sturdy base, a large round-shaped cushion basket, a comfortable cushion, and sometimes a separate cushion cover. You will find the base with two round openings on either end when you assemble the furniture. The narrower end is usually supposed to be on the floor while the wider end faces up so that the huge cushion basket can be accommodated.

As for material, rattan is the traditional choice while metal-made or even plastic-made chairs are also available.

There are many types of Papasan chair, too. Kids Papasan chairs are suitable for those families with children; folding Papasan chairs are perfect for the limited space; Papasan swivel chairs offer you extra mobility. Apart from that, hanging Papasan chairs, rocking Papasan chairs, and outdoor Papasan chairs are waiting for you to choose.



What Can You Do with a Papasan Chair?

You can curl up with a book or lounge with friends in a Papasan chair thanks to its large size. Its light weight allows you to change its position and the soft cushion ensures you a cozy afternoon. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that provides comfort, don't miss Papasan chairs then. In addition, a "Mamasan", twice the size of a Papasan chair, is accessible if you want more comfort.

How much Weight Can a Papasan Chair Support?

Usually, a Papasan chair can hold a weight of 135 kilograms/300 pounds at maximum. The figure varies with its structure and the materials used. Keep an eye on the product details when you hit the store. And remember, a Mamasan chair provides more space and holds more weight, which can be a better choice sometimes.

Is a Papasan Chair Expensive?

The cost, which varies from $50 to $ 1700, is dependent on the materials. A customized one can cost more. Papasan chairs made from rattan are typically more expensive as natural rattan, known for its durability, is not easy to get and the process of weaving rattan requires labor costs.

Despite being durable, a rattan Papasan chair is likely to deteriorate if it's placed outside for too long. If the Papasan chair you choose is from natural rattan, make sure it is used indoors and doesn't get wet. If you prefer weatherproof chairs, consider selecting those made of synthetic materials or a combination of synthetic and natural materials.


Everything Considered

Papasan chairs meet your requirements of relaxation and decoration, which are worth adding to the must-buy list. Take the size, material, and budget into account, and you are guaranteed to have an ideal piece of furniture.


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