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5 Tips for You to Get the Right Bar Stools

27 Jul 2022
5 Tips for You to Get the Right Bar Stools

A bar counter in the kitchen is a good place for you to entertain guests or unwind after a tiring working day. For those who already have a well-set bar counter, some suitable bar stools are what you need. Various bar stools are available for you to choose from in the market. The following tips will help answer your questions such as "how to pick the right bar stools" or "are bar stools without backrest comfortable".

About Height

How to determine the height of your bar stools? The rule is: to match it with your bar counter. Measure your bar counter from top to bottom. Ensure the difference between your counter's top and the bar stool's seat hovers around 300mm, which is a comfortable height difference that we get used to.

About Material

Various factors affect your choice of the material of bar stools: interior decoration, personal preference, budget, consideration of durability, and so on. The good news is that you can always find qualified material in the market. Woven bar stools and seagrass bar stools are suitable for vintage decoration; bamboo bar stools, wishbone bar stools, and natural wood bar stools, being durable enough, are the three best choices for the minimalists; cushioned bar stools and cowhide bar stools, as their names imply, make your seating more comfortable. Spare some time to think about what you need before buying the bar stools.

About Feature

It is a matter of personal preference. Look for comfort? Choose bar stools with a backrest and armrests. The foam used for the stools' seat also matters. Choose the thicker, firmer foam that allows the seat to retain its shape. Want some mobility? Pick swivel bar stools then, which enable you to move around indoors. Again, figure out your need and follow your heart.

About Color

Make sure your bar stools are compatible with the interior decoration. Generally, muted or light colors, such as black, white, and light brown, can fit in with most interior designs. But if you are the type that tends to defy the norm, the customized design might be a better choice.

What's More

More isn't better. Buy just the right number of bar stools, determined by the available space in the room. Or, it will culminate in extra stools cluttering in the corners.

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