Nordic Creative Brown/White Boucle Short/Long Stool - for Living Room, Bedroom, and Entryway - Dark green
Upgrade your home decor with this stylish and versatile Nordic Creative Boucle Short /Long Stool. The cozy lamb wool material provides a comfortable and luxurious seating experience, while the simple and modern design complements any space from the living room to...
$440.00 from $368.00
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Cream-colored Boucle Butterfly-Shaped Vanity Stool - Green
$898.00 $699.00
Cream-colored Boucle Butterfly-Shaped Vanity Stool - Green
Upgrade your vanity setup with our stylish cream-colored boucle butterfly-shaped stool. Enjoy maximum comfort and choose from a variety of colors to match your personal style.
$898.00 $699.00
Pink,Green,White Boucle Vanity Stool with butterfly-shaped Backrest - Green
Introducing our boucle vanity stool - a stylish addition to any beauty space. With its white metal frame, butterfly-shaped backrest, and comfortable cushion, this stool is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Available in three colors - white, green,...
Yellow Egg Shaped Swivel Boucle Chair,Little Boucle Sherpa Lounge Vanity Stool - Green
This egg-shaped swivel boucle chair is a simple and compact ergonomic chair.The egg-shaped swivel chair is made of boucle fabric, which makes it strong and durable. It has a 360° swivel function that allows you to sit at any comfortable...
$697.00 $488.00
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Modern Square Boucle Sherpa Lounge Sofa, Green Boucle Sherpa Chair - Green
The square boucle lounge sofa is a unique piece of furniture that you can use to make the most of your living space. This square design has no handrail, which means you have more free space in the room and...
$1,182.00 $828.00
Light Tan Modern Boucle Sherpa Lounge Accent Chair With Wool Base - Green
$2,229.00 $1,560.00
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Light Tan Modern Boucle Sherpa Lounge Accent Chair With Wool Base - Green
This modern boucle lounge accent chair is the perfect addition to any room in your home! No matter where you put it, be it your living room, family room, bedroom or office, this chair is ideal for your needs. This...
$2,229.00 $1,560.00
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White/Green Lounge Boucle Sherpa Chair With Solid Wood Armchair - Green
This white boucle chair is a comfortable and stylish armchair with clean lines and a solid wood frame.It also comes in another very popular color: green boucle chair This chair upholstery is made of 100% boucle fabric that can be cleaned by wiping...
$1,310.99 $918.00
White/Pink/Green/Yellow/Cyan Pumpkin Swivel White Boucle Sherpa Accent Chair - Green
If you love the yellow pumpkin chair, then you will certainly fall in love with this boucle accent chair. Made from a boucle fabric, it will provide you with a plush ride that is every bit as comfortable as its cousin....
$1,269.99 $888.99
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White/Gray/Green Nordic Ivory Boucle Sherpa Chair Vanity Stool Accent Chair With Low Back - Green
This Boucle Chair is the perfect way to add comfort and style to your home.With its plush, cozy upholstery and soft, comfortable cushions, you'll want to curl up with a good book in this chair any time of day.Or, if you're...
$1,078.99 $755.00
Modern Green Boucle Sherpa Upholstered Accent Chair with Round Back - Green
Drawing inspiration for the design, the new chair reflects modern styling with elements of art. Made of boucle and faux leather, the chair is soft and sturdy enough for long usage. Comprised of the bedroom, dining room, living room and outdoor,...
$2,370.99 $1,660.00

Reasons to add the bouclé chair to your home

A boucle accent chair perfectly blends style, sophistication, and comfort. Interior design and furniture trends come and go, but the bouclé chair has not lost its charm ever since it became a sensation when Eero Saarinen designed it in the 1940s for Florence Knoll.

This stylish and comfortable furniture graces the homes of the elite and here are the reasons why:

Effortlessly chic

A white boucle chair is synonymous with Parisian chic – understated, refined, and timeless. The looped, woven wool that constitutes this fabric is a perfect combination of style and elegance, resembling the quintessential Chanel jackets.

Whether a swivel boucle chair, lounge chair, or dining chair, every piece is stylish and elegant and fits effortlessly in modern and contemporary homes.

Fun Fact: Coco Chanel premiered the first iteration of their classic jackets in 1954, several years after the bouclé chair was introduced, leading people to believe that the fabric and texture was bouclé inspires.

Comfortably cool

This fabric inherently feels and looks soft and plump and lends a sense of comfort, and is a big reason for its high demand. Bouclé has always been synonymous with leisure and comfort, but it is even more in demand in the post-pandemic world. Aside from the softness of the fabric, bouclé furniture usually has rounded and relaxed designs rendering them very comfortable to sit or lounge around for hours without any problem.

Bouclé is also a very warm fabric, reflecting a loving home's warm and cozy environment. This is also why bouclé was initially a preferred fabric of furniture upholstery in colder regions.

The epitome of modern luxury

In terms of textiles, bouclé is unique and is the epitome of luxury without being over the top like silk, velvet, or leather. Besides, this fabric is not overly traditional like linen or cotton, making it a perfectly modern fabric for mounting on furniture, including chairs.

Bouclé is also breathable and pairs seamlessly with curvilinear shapes, which resonates very well with modern furniture designers.

So, regardless of your interior tastes – minimalistic, modern, eclectic, or easygoing, bouclé furniture will blend seamlessly.

How to clean a boucle chair

1. Vacuuming

We first vacuum our surroundings. Similarly, vacuuming your chair with an upholstery attachment will rid it of dust and dirt from the surface to the bottom. Be sure to change your position every 5-10 seconds to get all the remnants in hiding, and use a small attachment to do so, as it’s easier to clean that way.

2. Brushing

Boucle is made of curls and loops, so a soft-bristled brush is required to brush the fabric. While it’s not recommended to brush your Boucle regularly, considering over-cleaning damages the fabric, be sure to brush it as gently as possible to extend its longevity whenever you decide to brush it.

3. Water-Based Cleaner

You can clean your chair using a mixture of detergent or dish soap in small quantities. Use a clean, dry cloth and start rubbing along the fabric stains.

4. Drying

Once you’re done washing the fabric, make sure you know it has completely dried before you put it to use again. Be sure not to soak the fabric too long to avoid shrinking, and always use less water, just enough to dampen the fabric.

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