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The Beauty Of Bouclé Chair And How It Can Transform Your Home

15 Sep 2022
The Beauty Of Bouclé Chair And How It Can Transform Your Home

Everyone whose name means something has a boucle chair in their homes – from Miranda Kerr and Gabrielle Union to Kylie Jenner. Why is this chair making the cut for the most stylish and cozy homes?

A boucle accent chair perfectly blends style, sophistication, and comfort. Interior design and furniture trends come and go, but the bouclé chair has not lost its charm ever since it became a sensation when Eero Saarinen designed it in the 1940s for Florence Knoll.  

Named after the French term, curled, bouclé is also closely tied to the House of Chanel, which has helped cement its iconic status among the classy homebuilders around the globe. 

What else makes the bouclé chair such a hit among the rich, the famous, and anyone looking to build a gorgeous home? Find out here!

Reasons to add the bouclé chair to your home

This stylish and comfortable furniture graces the homes of the elite and here are the reasons why:

Effortlessly chic 

A white boucle chair is synonymous with Parisian chic – understated, refined, and timeless. The looped, woven wool that constitutes this fabric is a perfect combination of style and elegance, resembling the quintessential Chanel jackets. 

Whether a swivel boucle chair, lounge chair, or dining chair, every piece is stylish and elegant and fits effortlessly in modern and contemporary homes. This Nordic Wool Boucle Round Vanity Stool fits the bill perfectly. Despite its small size, this bouclé stool has a contemporary design that will be an ideal match for any makeup station or a corner of your fancy room.  

Fun Fact: Coco Chanel premiered the first iteration of their classic jackets in 1954, several years after the bouclé chair was introduced, leading people to believe that the fabric and texture was bouclé inspires.

Comfortably cool

This fabric inherently feels and looks soft and plump and lends a sense of comfort, and is a big reason for its high demand. Bouclé has always been synonymous with leisure and comfort, but it is even more in demand in the post-pandemic world. Aside from the softness of the fabric, bouclé furniture usually has rounded and relaxed designs rendering them very comfortable to sit or lounge around for hours without any problem. 
Bouclé is also a very warm fabric, reflecting a loving home's warm and cozy environment. This is also why bouclé was initially a preferred fabric of furniture upholstery in colder regions. 
This OffWhite Boucle Floor Sofa Lounge Chair perfectly defines the softness and plush comfort that bouclé furniture affords. Mounted on a sturdy pine wood frame, this boucle lounge chair is an ideal choice for any living space. It combines comfort, versatility, and durability, which is the hallmark of an outstanding piece of furniture. 

The epitome of modern luxury 

In terms of textiles, bouclé is unique and is the epitome of luxury without being over the top like silk, velvet, or leather. Besides, this fabric is not overly traditional like linen or cotton, making it a perfectly modern fabric for mounting on furniture, including chairs. 
Bouclé is also breathable and pairs seamlessly with curvilinear shapes, which resonates very well with modern furniture designers.
Take a look at this White Boucle Upholstery Rocking Chair, for instance. It perfectly blends the modern bouclé fabric mounted on a traditional rocking chair made of solid walnut. While the fabric and the wooden frame keep it organic and old school, the curved arms and the bouclé as the upholstery material make it ideal for any modern home. 
So, regardless of your interior tastes – minimalistic, modern, eclectic, or easygoing, bouclé furniture will blend seamlessly. 

Unrivaled versatility 

Bouclé is soft enough to cover your pillows but sturdy enough to even offer acoustic absorption, which is fantastic. This rugged yet soft fabric is ideal for all types of furniture, which explains why you will find everything from boucle rocking chair, benches, ottomans, and vanity stools to bouclé lounge chair.
In terms of versatility, bouclé chairs are available in several different colors, which gives you a lot of options. Although bouclé furniture usually comes in white or off-white, you will also find pink, gray, olive, brown, and black. 
Here's a fantastic collection of all things bouclé in case you need the inspiration to get one for your home. 

Advantages of bouclé accent chairs

Apart from the fantastic reasons about bouclé chairs we have listed above, these pieces of furniture have several advantages, including:

Effortless to maintain 

Bouclé fabric looks lush and premium making them appear very high-maintenance, which can put you off if you are not meticulous about cleaning or have kids. 
But bouclé is effortless to maintain because it is primarily wool, which is self-cleansing. Following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions is important but usually, wiping a boucle swivel chair is all you need to clean it. Vacuuming your bouclé chair is also a great way to deep clean them if you want to take it a step further. 

Easy installation 

Bouclé furniture has a striking appearance, so you might assume that you need professionals to set it up. However, bouclé chairs are so easy to install, and you can do so even without any experience. 


Bouclé chairs are also relatively affordable despite their fancy designs and variety, which is another great advantage. In addition, bouclé chair retailers like Cocochairs offer outstanding discounts that you can't miss.

In conclusion

Bouclé is undeniably the reigning fabric in the furniture and textile world, and for a good reason. This fabric instantly exudes luxury, comfort, and style regardless of whether you put it in a living room or a bedroom. 
In addition, bouclé chair is comfy, trendy, and versatile for all types of interior décor. Furniture mounted with bouclé hit a sweet spot of being rugged in appearance and style, laid-back and elegance, making it a highly sought-after fabric for both furniture and interior designers. 
Initially, the bouclé chair was a privilege of the elite and a handful of celebrities. But bouclé is fast becoming an item of preferred furniture for the economic class for transforming their homes into a sophisticated and comfortable haven for you and your loved ones.
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