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Is Boucle Fabric Pet Friendly?

12 Sep 2022
Is Boucle Fabric Pet Friendly?

Boucle fabric is a popular choice for furniture and accessories. It's got a distinctive and textured look that gives you a sophisticated and elegant accent in any room of your house.

But have you ever wondered if it's pet-friendly?

For furniture lovers, the answer is NO. But for pet lovers, the answer is YES.

Why is Boucle fabric not pet-friendly for furniture lovers?

Some furniture lovers gave the following objections.

Boucle fabric is easily pulled and shredded by pet claws.

Have you ever seen a cat or dog playing with a loop of yarn? It's the most adorable thing in the world. You can't help but laugh when your little furball gets all tangled up in that loop and can't get back out.

If you own a boucle chair, boucle couch, or boucle rug, that may be what your pet is going to do with your chair cushions and rugs.

Boucle fabric is susceptible to being easily pulled and shredded by pet claws.

While it may seem like a luxury fabric and maybe even an item intended only for pet owners, the scratching damage that they can inflict upon it could be very costly in the long run.

Cat Scratching Your Boucle Chair

Pet hair easily gets caught in boucle fabric

Pet hair is not like human hair. It doesn't fall off when brushed against an uneven surface.

Instead, it gets caught in the fibers and is difficult to remove.

Even if you do manage to grab some loose hairs out, there will still be plenty left behind that will start piling up into clumps over time (and make for really uncomfortable sitting).

Why is Boucle fabric pet-friendly for pet lovers?

As a pet owner, who doesn't have pet hair everywhere in their home? Who hasn't had their furniture ruined by pets? It is normal!

Actually, it can be seen from the above objections that pets really like boucle fabric!

For pets, boucle fabric furniture is such a fun toy. Scratching is Evidence of Love. Pet hair on furniture advertises this as their habitat.

As far as I know, with the advancement of craftsmanship, boucle fabric is now more advanced than it used to be, and most of them are very strong and scratch resistant.

I just bought a small boucle chair for my cat several months ago.
Cat and Boucle Chair
My cat loves my new boucle chair! She loves to curl up on the soft, cozy fabric and take a nap. I often find her there when I come home from work.

And surprisingly, although my cat often plays with the boucle chair, it looks like a new one over time.

However, my other chairs, which are made of leather or wood, have a totally different story. You can find some big or small scratches on them.

If you are still worried, I wholeheartedly suggest that you buy a small boucle chair to try first. I am sure your pet will love it too.

Here I would like to introduce 3 boucle chairs that are very suitable for pets as toys.

Boucle Mushroom Chair

Boucle Rabbit chair

Simple Nordic Boucle Chair


For furniture lovers, Boucle fabric is indeed not pet-friendly.

But as a pet lover, all the disadvantages do not matter. The most important thing is that pets love it!

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