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24 Sep 2022

We've all seen many celebrities doing house tours around their elegant homes, showcasing their stunning spaces. A lot of them level up their glam room with closets and vanities, some spaces sprawled over as big as our apartments. While devoting an entire apartment to clothes and makeup sounds outrageous, we can still create a sacred space for our glam moment by using a corner nook in the bedroom to accommodate a makeup vanity set. Vanity is no vice if you look as good as you do, so why should you deprive your makeup products of a luxurious home? 

Choosing a Vanity Style

A vanity set is as worthy of the hype people make of it, and it has the absolute honor of sitting in your bedroom to create a space that gives you a Hollywood star feeling every day. What's more? Whether your taste in themes leans towards norse-nordic, pale-pastels, lavish-luxury, or modish-modern – there's one for every aesthetic; we've got your vanity dreams covered right here. A theme does more than just visuals; It shows your interests, lifestyle, and who you are as a person. 

Small Vanity vs. Large Vanity – What should you consider

Fit is the first point to consider when choosing a vanity set for a room. Just as some bedrooms are smaller and require a cute-compact and small makeup vanity set, a more oversized bedroom will call for an awe-inspiring large makeup vanity set synonymous with the space. When you figure out where you want to place your vanity, you need to measure the area's length, depth, and height. It will give you an idea of what vanity size you can accommodate in the bedroom and clarify how much space the vanity will need while opening its drawers and doors.

How much storage do I need?

How much is too much, and which vanity set is the right fit for you? If you live a minimalistic life and believe in less is more, a clean, straightforward makeup vanity with drawers will give your bedroom an organized look. If you're someone who needs a home for your lipsticks, palettes, and jewelry that you've been hoarding over the years, elegant makeup vanity with cabinets and drawers should hold all your products. Either way, everyone loves an acceptable space-saving solution, and both makeup vanities will deliver precisely that.


Normal Mirror vs. Lighted Mirror

You have to be honest with yourself; Standing and doing your makeup under the cruel fluorescent ceiling light is not a vibe. While mirrors have graced homes since time immemorial creating lushness wherever it stands, a makeup vanity with lighted mirror is known to illuminate appearance for grooming. One common mistake we find in most homes is bright lights on the ceilings and none in the mirrors, which makes grooming difficult as they cast shadows on the face. Lighted mirrors continue to be a must-have these days for completing a space, and they also make sure you rule the selfie game. 

Square Mirror vs. Circle mirror 

Mirrors are hardworking decors. They ensure you're killing it before you step out of any place. A square mirror creates a broader, fuller vision reflecting light and providing an illusion that the space looks more extensive, which, while paired with a The makeup vanity table, makes the entire set look absurdly pretty. While square mirrors are a popular Pinterest-pinning board décor, another mirror that tries to level the playing field is circular mirrors. They breathe life into a space adding a unique aesthetic touch and creating the perfect soft contrast between blunt ends of furniture or dull colors.

Adjustable mirrors

One doesn't need to be Pablo Picasso to understand how important lighting affects makeup, and adjustable mirrors do just that. They are known to be in a world of their own. They're easily adjustable, so you won't have any trouble finding the perfect lighting spot for yourself to start your makeup ritual.

Folding mirror 

We've all stood in front of our bathroom mirrors at some point with a heap of beauty products overflowing the counters, and we've wished to have something functional yet portable so we can play pretend that life's not a mess. In this case, a makeup vanity with folding mirror would be your knight in shining armor. Don't want the mirror to stand up while it's not in use? No problem, fold it down, and we are good to go. You can even use it as a laptop table once it's down.

Do-it-yourself Vanities

I know most of us are no Bob-the-builders; hence we are reluctant to buy things where setting up becomes an individual's migraine. What if I told you I found a website with a stunning collection of mirrors that are aesthetic and easy to build? Cocochairs offer a wide range of makeup vanity sets and more that I'm sure you'd love. Each vanity set has an instruction manual so easy to follow that you will almost think about taking up Furniture technician as a profession.

Accessories – Because we love living in the future

You've got your killer look done, and now all you need to do is style your hair. While styling

without mirrors can be a real pain because your socket is too far, and you don't know which direction your hair styling is headed towards; the results are a catfight or a hot summer rave hairstyle; you wouldn't know which one is worse. An easy solution is getting a makeup vanity with sockets to avoid these situations. Another excellent addition is a makeup vanity with USB ports to get your devices near and charging; you can enjoy some music. Also, you wouldn't want to miss any important calls while getting your glam on.

A meaningful discussion – Seat

Usually, the primary seat in the bedroom is the bed, but having a stool closely complements your vanity. That would take you to the next level of comfort while getting ready. A makeup vanity stool adds a touch of symmetry and glamour to your place, making you feel elegant and stylish. A cute seat at a suitable height of about 45CM that blends with your makeup vanity would complete the puzzle and make it whole.

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