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Tips on Picking Colors for Kitchen Bar Stools

27 Jul 2022
Tips on Picking Colors for Kitchen Bar Stools

Picking colors for interior design can be hard, especially when you have nobody but yourself to rely on. Don't worry. This article is intended to give you some inspiration to choose the right color scheme for your kitchen bar stools.

Jot down the colors in your kitchen

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What color are the cabinets? Are they off-white, beige, or brown? Note that down.
  • What color is the floor? Gray, white, black?
  • What about the kitchen island or table? Jet black? Gray? White?
  • And the appliances? Pay attention to the colors of the fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and so on.

Now, make a decision: do you want contrasts in colors or prefer similar tones of color?

Contrast Is What You Like

In this case, you need to find out the colors that stand out in your kitchen, which may be the color of the wall, the oven knob, the light fixture, etc. To create contrast, you need to choose another different color for your stools. For example, orange bar stools or gold bar stools are a good contrast to the off-white wall; pink bar stools embellish a light-toned kitchen; blue bar stools can be easily noticed amid stainless steel appliances.

Plus, the seat color and the metal or wood frame color can be different. Imagine a stool with a green cushioned seat and a white metal backrest. These two parts would complement each other well.

Look for Similarity in colors

If the harmony of color in your kitchen is what you want, the tips below may offer you some hints: pay attention to shades, patterns, and textures. A monochromatic kitchen doesn't necessarily mean all the details in the decoration should be the same. You can use one color with different shades. For example, gray bar stools can perfectly create contrast in a darker gray environment.

Different patterns also make your space less drab. You can choose bar stools with small, subdued patterns while the curtains have large stripes on them.

The texture of your stools can also be different from that of other pieces of furniture. If the countertop and the floor are made of marble, why not try stainless steel stools as they can add an industrial flavor to your space.

If you are tired of your monochromatic room but still want a balance of colors, make your stools' color compatible with the surroundings. In a kitchen whose dominating hue is white or off-white, silver bar stools or beige bar stools can do a good job of balance and contrast without involving many colors. Clear bar stools can be a decent alternative, too.


Kitchen Color Schemes

The color scheme of your kitchen can be a reflection of your personality and preference. You will find a color scheme that suits you well. For reference, here are some color schemes that may help you.

Common Kitchen Color Schemes
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