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How to Choose Vanity Tables and Vanity Stools?

22 Jul 2023
How to Choose Vanity Tables and Vanity Stools?
The makeup vanity plays an important role in women's home decor, and finding the right height ratio between the vanity tables and vanity stools is crucial. Let's explore the best height of vanity stools with Cocochairs.

Optimal Height of Vanity Table/Dressing Table

1. Due to varying heights of individuals, the requirements for vanity table height differ. Some people also consider the bedroom layout when choosing a vanity table. Typically, the vanity table height in the master bedroom is around 1500mm, with a width ranging from 700mm to 1200mm. For other rooms, the vanity table height depends mainly on the user's preference. For example, children can opt for smaller-sized vanity tables, measuring 400mm * 800mm * 700mm. A medium-sized vanity measuring 400mm * 1000mm * 700mm or a larger-sized vanity table measuring 400mm * 1300mm * 700mm can be chosen based on the user's needs.

2. The makeup vanity height varies depending on its style. There are generally two types of vanities. One type has a larger mirror area that reflects most of the user's image, making the room appear more spacious. The height of this style of vanity is typically around 450mm to 600mm.

3. The most common style of vanity allows users to place their legs underneath the tabletop, providing a clearer view for makeup application and convenience. When not in use, the stool can be stored beneath the tabletop, saving space. The height of this style of vanity is approximately 700mm to 740mm.
How to Choose a Makeup Vanity Table?

1. Style: When selecting a makeup vanity table, consider a style that matches the room decor. Also, take the user's preferences into account.

2. Quality: Do not overlook the quality of the vanity table. Typically, vanities are made of engineered board materials. When making a purchase, check for quality certifications and examine the appearance of the vanity for any defects. You can also check for any strong odors.

3. Size: Pay attention to the size of the vanity, particularly the tabletop. Since women usually have multiple cosmetics, it is better to choose a vanity with a larger tabletop. If a large tabletop is deemed to take up too much space, a vanity with strong storage capabilities can be selected.

4. Makeup Mirror: It is advisable to choose a vanity with a foldable mirror design. This allows for a clear view of the facial features from different angles, making it easier to spot any issues during the makeup process.

Ideal Ratio for Vanity Table and Vanity Stool Height

There are standard requirements for the height of the table and stool furniture. The standard height of table furniture can be 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, or 760mm. The seat height of the stool furniture can be 400mm, 420mm, or 440mm. Additionally, the height difference between the table and stool should be within the range of 280mm to 320mm.

The correct height of the table and stool should enable a person to maintain a vertical posture while sitting. This means that when both feet are on the ground, the thighs and lower legs should be approximately perpendicular. Moreover, the front edge of the seat should not exert pressure on the lower part of the thigh. Additionally, when the arms hang naturally, the upper arms should be approximately perpendicular to the lower arms, and the table should just touch the underside of the arms.

This helps to maintain the correct sitting and writing posture. If the height of the table and stool does not match, it directly affects the person's posture and is detrimental to their well-being. Furthermore, the space beneath the writing board should not be less than 580mm, and the width of the space should not be less than 520mm.

These are the best recommendations for the vanity table and vanity stool height ratio. We hope this information is helpful to you.
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